NEW Composting Program

VIMC is now running a composting pilot program – please help us make it a success!

Please use the compost bins and liners provided to collect your waste and take it away with you when you leave.

Over 50% of waste generated at VIMC is compostable waste. For example: used paper towels, food scraps, coffee grinds and left over food. We are working towards making VIMC a waste-free facility and we need your help.  Composting is an important piece of the puzzle because when compostable waste is thrown in the garbage it goes into the landfill and cannot properly break down or biodegrade.

VIMC cannot compost this waste onsite since we live next to plenty of wildlife that would love to get their paws on it! Bears in particular are a concern – to protect them and ourselves, we cannot compost onsite.  The compost bin liners provided are biodegradable so you can simply lift them out, tie them shut and take them with you – no need to empty the bags.

Thank you for your help in making VIMC a more sustainable environment!

2016/17 Athlete Grants Awarded at the VIMSS AGM November 22, 2016.

VIMSS will host a new fundraising event on August 27th.  Night of White will be a spectacular evening including entertainment by Ken Lavigne.  Tickets available in May.

Chairlift to Success Fundraiser

Spencer Hay, a local entrepreneur, has organized a fundraising event on March 12, 2016 at Mount Washington.  The theme of the event is “Giving our local Athletes a Lift”.  For more information and to donate, please visit the event web page at:

VIMSS Athlete Grants Awarded for 2015/16

Telus Grant provides Mountain Centre with Adventure Gear – July 2014

The Vancouver Island Mountain Centre has received a $2500 grant from the Telus Community Action Team aimed at using new technologies to enhance youth learning and empowerment.  The money will go towards new safety based technology such as beacons, GPS units and solar power sources for use in youth based programs.  This support is essential to ensure the low cost access to all of the programs at the Mountain Centre.


VIMSS Membership Opportunity

Want a say in the Vancouver Mountain Sport Society? Become a Member! Membership entitles the member you to vote a VIMSS meetings and stand for office. It’s easy to get involved,  just email us at