About Vancouver Island Mountain Centre

The VANCOUVER ISLAND MOUNTAIN SPORTS SOCIETY (VIMSS) is a non-profit organization which runs the Mountain Centre. VIMSS provides programs and services that enhance access to the mountain environment. Environment awareness, safety and survival in mountain climates and educational field experiences in all mountain terrain are explored. VIMSS provides low cost access to the alpine to reduce barriers for families and individuals to enjoy more healthy activities together. VIMSS also provides yearly grants to mountain sport based athletes from Vancouver Island to help augment their training. In addition to funding athletes, VIMSS has overseen significant infrastructure projects including trail expansion, trail access to Strathcona Park and a new Vancouver Island Mountain Centre.

The VANCOUVER ISLAND MOUNTAIN CENTRE caters to all group types. Located just 30 minutes from the Comox Valley or 2.5 hours north of Victoria, the property and facilities are large enough for a meeting or retreat of up to 50 people. All you need to do is round up your group and we provide the accommodation, meeting space, outdoor programs, fitness facility, plus alpine and cross country skiing in the backyard. The Mountain Centre provides access to dorm style Group Accommodation, Meeting Rooms and a public Fitness Centre all under one roof. In addition to providing facilities for groups to host their own events, the Mountain Centre offers Outdoor Education and Adventure programs for team building, environmental education and learning mountaineering skills. The non profit Vancouver Island Mountain Centre encourages public participation in mountain sports, personal fitness and outdoor education.

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