Vancouver Island Mountain Sports Society

Board of Directors
Leanne Webster

Leanne Webster

Leanne is a Tourism Mount Washington board member, a member of Strathcona Nordics Ski Club and owner of Klahanie Vacation Getaways.
Don Sharpe

Don Sharpe

Vice Chair
Don Sharpe was the Director of Business Operations at Mount Washington from 2000 - 2017. Don was a founder of VIMSS.
Jacinta Philippson, CPA

Jacinta Philippson, CPA

Jacinta Philippson is an Accountant with MNP and a member of the Mount Washington Ski Club.
Paul Francisty

Paul Francisty

Paul Francisty is a member of the Mount Washington Ski Club and an international ski racing course slipper.

List of VIMSS Board of Directors

Rick Morson (Past Chair), Jim Van Tine, Gord Campbell, Drew Cooper, Patricia Douglas, John Trimmer, David Mayert, Alvin Gossen, Sarah Johnston, David Frisch, Kevin East
Honorary Director, Allison Forsyth


To create and enhance physical activity and educational opportunities in a mountain environment, for athletes and healthy communities.

1. To promote and provide access and education opportunities for the community in the mountain environment.
2. To operate the Vancouver Island Mountain Centre and other associated facilities for the benefit of athletes and the community.
3. To raise and disburse funds for financial support for development of individual athletes involved in training and competition in mountain sports.
4. To acquire land, buildings, equipment, vehicles and other materials which help the Society to meet its purposes.

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