Fitness Centre

We are proud to have our Fitness Centre outfitted with state of the art Precor Fitness equipment thanks to an amazing donation from GoodLife Fitness!

Some of the equipment that we offer includes:

Leg Extension/Leg CurlLeg Extension-Leg Curl Functional TrainerFunctional Trainer Multi PressMulti Press
Lat Pulldown/Seated RowLat Pulldown/Seated Row Rear Delt/Pec FlyRear Delt/Pec Fly 800 Series Treadmill800 Series Treadmill
 Fitness Centre/Weight Room

Adult                Student/Senior

Drop-in                $5                         $4

10 Punch Card     $45                        $35

Monthly                 $40                        $30

2 Months              $65                        $50

3 Months              $80                        $70

6 Months              $150                      $130

Yearly                   $280                      $240

 Private Rental (3 Hours)                 $175



Fitness Centre General Policies

  • All users must sign a waiver form to participate in the Fitness Centre. Youth under 18 must have a parent/guardian also sign
  • All users must sign in at reception before every visit
  • All users must wear clean indoor closed-toe shoes. Flip flops and sandals are not permitted
  • Our minimum age requirement is 12 years old and youth under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (unless other arrangements made with Centre Manager)
  • All users must wear appropriate Fitness Centre apparel (no ripped clothing, jeans or clothing with profanity)
  • Our Fitness Centre is a scent free zone. Please avoid strong perfumes and colognes
  • We reserve the right to expel any individual acting in an abusive, intimidating or unsafe manner. This is an amazing facility, let’s all enjoy it together
  • *In order to maintain this non-profit facility and continue to support local mountain sport athletes all Fitness Centre users will be charged a one-time Vancouver Island Mountain Sports Society membership fee of $4 for punch card and monthly memberships and $0.50 for drop-in users.
  • *Alternative rates are available for groups within our mandate. Contact us for details.