Outdoor Adventure

The Vancouver Island Mountain Centre has been offering the Outdoor Adventure Program (OAP) to great reviews since opening its doors in 2011. The OAP consists of a series of focus areas where groups can choose and/or combine focus areas to meet desired educational and developmental goals. All of the focus areas described below revolve around fitness for life principles, personal empowerment through skill development and knowledge acquisition, and an understanding, appreciation and respect for our fragile environment.

Team Building

This focus area involves a variety of activities that challenge group members, break down barriers, and foster teamwork. The focus area is organized into four sections; energy burners, initiative tasks, trust activities, and larger cooperative tasks involving navigation and problem solving. In the winter months this program is run on snowshoes. Be sure to bring your camera!

Duration: 1/2 day (3 hours)

Pricing: $19.50/person + GST

Team Building

Adventure GPS & Geocaching

Heard of “Geocaching” but not too sure what it is really all about? This focus area combines an introductory GPS lesson with a combination of activity stations that focus on mental and/or physical group challenges. Start off by using your GPS unit to navigate your team from challenge station to station and then on to our Geocache course where you search for hidden clues and treasures. In the winter months this may be done on snowshoes

Duration: 1/2 day (3 hours) 

Pricing: $19.50/person + GST

Adventure GPS

Discover Biathlon (12yrs +)  

Starting January 2014: Have you ever wanted to try biathlon but have been intimidated by that pesky skiing part? If your answer is yes or you just want to try something different this program is for you. This focus combines the exhilaration of learning to fire a rifle, in a controlled and supervised setting, with exploring our breathtaking sub-alpine on snowshoes. Our certified instructors will make sure your group has an experience you will never forget. The program price includes snowshoes, trail passes, ammunition, day insurance as well as certified rifle instruction.

Duration: Half Day (2 1/2 hours)

Pricing: $35/person + GST  (*Note reduced rates available for Scouts Canada members. Contact us for details) 

Intro to Biathlon

Introduction to Winter Skills 

(Junior 8-12yrs, Senior 13-17yrs)

This focus area is designed to give participants the basic winter skills to make good decisions and take care of themselves and others while recreating in the back country. The program is separated into three sections: (1) snow caves and emergency shelters, (2) avalanche awareness, beacons and probing, and (3) rope techniques for safety.

Duration: Full Day (6 hours)

Pricing: $39/person + GST

Winter Skills

Evening Snowshoe

Join our experienced guides for a cool and crisp evening snowshoe including a return via headlamp. If mother nature cooperates, spot stars and constellations or just enjoy the beauty and quiet associated with being outside in our breathtaking sub-alpine. A fantastic affordable experience for all ages.

Program Includes: Snowshoe rental & trail pass, head lamp and experienced snowshoe guide.

Duration: 2 hours

Pricing: $15/person + GST

Evening Snowshoe


COMING SOON: Orienteering is using a compass, GPS, and/or map in order to find controls placed around our sub-alpine Mountain Centre.